Jul 31, 2018
POTUS: Love or Fear

After watching a new TV ad for Rep. Ron DeSantis’ (R-FL) that shows his unadulterated support for President Donald Trump in the congressman’s push for the governorship in Florida and discussion of a new CBS poll about trust for accurate information, Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle comments: “This poll: ‘Who would you trust for accurate information?’ Among Trump supporters the result: Trump 91 percent, friends and family 63 percent, mainstream media no surprise, 11 percent. So, if you’re running for governor of Florida, if you’re Ron DeSantis, you clearly seek his favor. That’s understandable. You want a favorable tweet from the president of the United States. It rockets him ahead in the primary, but among the base that we continually talk about, how deep and lasting is the fear, the clear fear that many of elected Republicans have about the president of the United States?” Hear more of the conversation.