Jul 31, 2018
Guiliani: Say what?

While the Morning Joe panel reacts to clips of President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, going through a strange and confusing cable news blitz, where Giuliani first startled viewers with a public claim of a previously unknown meeting involving top Trump associates and Kremlin-linked Russians—then stated that it was “highly unlikely” the meeting took place, veteran columnist Mike Barnicle comments: “This is both incredibly taxing and incredibly tedious to have this put upon us, this early in the day. I mean, he begins one of those segments by talking about a meeting that took place, and in the very same segment, in the very same 30-second clip we played, he goes from ‘there was a meeting, there was a meeting that occurred that we wanted to get out to get ahead of the news on it;’ and 10 seconds later he’s calling it an ‘alleged meeting,’ as if the meeting that he just referred to didn’t take place. I mean, what time of night was he interviewed for that? That’s my question.” Listen to more of the discussion here on MSNBC.