Apr 23, 2013

By Jason Mastrodonato /

BOSTON — Brothers Colin and Nick Barnicle have long been in the field of video production, where they’ve found plenty of success and gratification, including “Down the Line,” a behind-the-scenes documentary on Boston’s Fenway Park released in 2011.

So when the tragic bombings took place on Marathon Monday, the Belmont Hill graduates knew they had to get back to Boston.

“Usually, we would go in and pitch an idea,” said Colin Barnicle. “We said, ‘Let’s just do this, because we want to do it and help out in the way we know how.’ And the way we know how is to put our work into a video.”

The Barnicles, along with friend Jeff Siegel, traveled from New York to film and edit their own One Boston video in less than 48 hours. They drove to Boston on Saturday, set up two cameras in Fenway Park and captured the emotion of the day baseball returned to Boston.

The one-minute, 50-second video has no footage of the bombing, instead focusing on the recovery process afterward.

“We just took our cameras and equipment and said ‘Let’s see what we can get out of this,'” Colin Barnicle said. “It was really just 35,000 people and thousands more outside the stadium just taking that cathartic breath, that sigh, that ‘This is over let’s get back to normal.’

“This was something we could tangibly see, feel and experience together.”

With the voice of Mayor Thomas Menino playing in the background, the up-close style gives the video a personal touch that the Barnicles hope people from cities all across the country will feel.
It might be their most satisfying project to date.

“It was the first time in a long time, since 2004, where the team and the fans connected on a totally different level,” Colin Barnicle said, describing the scene from Fenway on Saturday. “Look at the [David Ortiz] speech: The players were feeling along with the fans.”

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