Jul 06, 2024
Barnicle on Biden: “He will make the right decision for the country and for himself”

ICYMI: Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough and Mike Barnicle address the ongoing speculation of whether President Joe Biden will step aside from the 2024 presidential election, following President Joe Biden having admitted to a Wisconsin radio station that he “screwed up” in last week’s debate against former President Donald Trump, but having vowed to fight on in the election race and move to reassure key allies. “He knows what’s going on. He knows the depth of trouble. He knows that the debate that people saw something they cannot unsee; but he also knows something that apparently the Biden administration hasn’t fully explained to the American public…The Biden Administration has passed the Inflation Reduction Act and CHIPS Act, two pieces of legislation that I’m told by people who know far more about economics than I do, will change and improve the progress of our economy, modernize it, make it more widely spread in terms of both the country, red states specifically will benefit from it more than blue states will; employment is on the rise. Now, the decision on what he does going forward is his and his alone, in concert with his family, clearly. He will make the right decision for the country and for himself,” says Barnicle about Biden amid the fallout from his debate performance, which has prompted calls for him to drop out of the 2024 race.