Aug 22, 2023
Trump’s $200,000 bond

““Joyce, in looking at the stipulations laid down in Georgia against the former president, quite a few are similar to stipulations that a court would issue to John Gotti, including the last one, which is ‘the above shall include, but are not limited to, posts on social media or reposts of posts made by another individual on social media’ having to do with intimidation. So, let me ask you: Given the former president’s nature, it seems to many people he will be unable to help himself or prevent himself from crossing the line here. What would be the next step potentially by the Georgia district attorney if he does so?” asks veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of MSNBC legal analyst Joyce Vance during this Morning Joe conversation about a Fulton County judge having set former President Donald Trump’s bond at $200,000 in District Attorney Fani Willis’ election interference case, as the bond agreement includes a “no direct or indirect threat” clause against codefendants or witnesses. Listen to Vance’s response here.