Apr 12, 2023
The “gun virus” that cripples America

“Seemingly we cover these things at least once or twice a week in America. You heard the heart ache from survivors of people who were shot and killed in Louisville. We see it all the time. Because of the nature of the news business, it’s so quick and swift, and things happen so rapidly, we move on from one incident to another, from one news story to another. But the ache, the heartache and the loss that was expressed in the clip that we just showed, that lasts forever, it affects a community forever. And it’s inexplicable why, as you point out, largely the Republican Party is responsible for standing in the way of any substantive progress, even the smallest elements of progress, in terms of getting control of this virus that is crippling America, the gun virus. It is truly inexplicable. There’s no way you can talk about it…There’s no way you can understand what their motives are. Are they that afraid of one outfit, the National Rifle Association? I mean, it’s inexplicable,” says Barnicle about the Republican Party’s unwillingness to pass gun safety legislation in the wake of yet another mass shooting this week at a bank in Louisville, Kentucky, where a gunman opened fire and killed five people while injuring eight others, leaving multiple families devastated.