Jul 25, 2023
McCarthy threatens Biden impeachment

Listen in on this Morning Joe conversation with Jonathan Lemire, Eugene Robinson, Elise Jordan and Mike Barnicle as they discuss Speaker Kevin McCarthy suggesting that House Republicans may be approaching the point where they’d pursue an impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden, marking McCarthy’s most explicit threat of impeaching the president to date. “Are we watching a democracy collapse in full public view, in plain view, that these people like Kevin McCarthy talking about impeaching Joe Biden rather than, ‘don’t look over there; don’t look at Donald Trump?’ And if any of them were asked, ‘could you tell us how you feel about Peter Stager,’ they wouldn’t know what I was talking about, or they wouldn’t know the origin of that question. Peter Stager, who we just mentioned earlier in the news, sentenced to four years for beating a police officer at the request – basically there in the Capitol – of Donald J. Trump. They wouldn’t know him. They don’t care about him. And they don’t care about the country, I would submit,” says Barnicle about the GOP threatening to impeach President Biden. Join the conversation here.