Aug 29, 2023
Former Gov. Chris Christie

Watch this Morning Joe discussion between veteran columnist Mike Barnicle and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a 2024 GOP presidential candidate, about how the Republican Party could move away from former President Donald Trump as polls continue to show him maintaining a strong lead in the GOP primary despite facing multiple indictments. “You’ve tried to make the case, and you’re trying to make the case, that you are the guy who can make the case against Joe Biden….How does what’s left of your political party—the remnants of the Republican Party—how do they, how do you, make the case against Joe Biden, when last week, six of the eight candidates for president of the United States standing alongside you on the stage, indicated that they would vote for Trump, even if he were a convicted felon? How do you convince the country that your party is still sane?,” asks Barnicle. Hear Christie’s answer here.