Aug 26, 2020
Trump’s campaign of fear

Watch this Morning Joe conversation between host Joe Scarborough and veteran columnist Mike Barnicle about the most recent polls that show the tightening presidential race between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden during the week of the Republican National Convention. “The closer we get to Election Day we’re going to see an hourly reprise of what we’re listening to on television at the Republican convention. We’re going to see a campaign based on fear…and the ability to use that fear to manipulate votes: It’s going to be immigration, it’s going to be the wall, it’s going to be Black people coming to your neighborhood, it’s going to be violence, it’s going to be law and order, it’s going to be, ‘be very afraid people because Donald Trump is the only one who can protect your white America against what is going to happen if Joe Biden is elected president’,” says Barnicle about the 2020 race for the White House. More of the discussion here.