Dec 28, 2020
The “cruelty” of the Trump Administration

“Since January 20th of 2017 when Donald Trump was inaugurated…there’s been a level of cruelty to him and to his Administration that has been consistent and continual throughout his administration: It’s always pick on the poor, pick on immigrants. And now in this final chapter of his presidency, it’s people who are literally—not just on the edge, they are—over the edge: People who have been living on practically nothing for five, six months, who have lost their jobs, many have lost their homes, a lot of them have lost hope, their children are home from school all day long….There’s multiple levels of corruption, confusion, chaos in this Administration but cruelty is the ultimate theme,” said Morning Joe contributor Mike Barnicle during this conversation with Kasie Hunt about the lengthy delay Trump caused before signing legislation for $900 billion in coronavirus economic aid and $1.4 trillion in government spending, providing some support for millions of Americans impacted by COVID-19 and averting a government shutdown.