Dec 10, 2020
POTUS: Agent of misdirection

“I was thinking when I saw that number flash up on the screen last night: 3,054. It’s a shocking number in a single day, and I was reverting in my mind back to September 11th. Now nearly 20 years ago, when well over 2,000 Americans were killed in an office building—a mass murder, people died for the crime of going to work that day. What happened then? America stood still. Americans were shocked, they were fearful, but, I think most importantly, they were listening. And they listened to President George W. Bush who stood on the rubble, gave the country some direction in the two to three weeks that followed September 11th. That’s the important thing: Gave us direction and we listened. What direction have we ever had from this president and this White House about a killer amongst us? We have had no direction. We have had misdirection. We have had instructions not to wear a mask. A mask. He turned it into something political—a life saving device. A simple mask….And people died as a result.” says Barnicle in this Morning Joe conversation with Willie Geist about President Donald J. Trump’s leadership amid the coronavirus outbreak within the country, the day after more than 3,000 Americans died of COVID-19 as cases continue to surge.