Mar 03, 2020
Joe Biden’s Entry into the Race

Listen in on this Morning Joe conversation with Willie Geist, John Heilemann, and Mike Barnicle as they preview Super Tuesday, including how presidential candidate Joe Biden will fare on the day when the greatest number of states hold their primary elections and caucuses after the former vice president’s blowout victory in the South Carolina primary. “Suddenly, after Saturday in South Carolina, it was as if Joe Biden had made his entry into the presidential race. Massive amounts of free media that he got on Saturday, Sunday, yesterday, and including this morning. And what happened in that free media? Joe Biden looked like an ordinary empathetic, humble, compassionate human being. A striking contrast to the President of the United States, and I think a lot of people paid attention to it. They saw him. They like him. They liked him anyway and they liked him even more after they see him in these settings. So, what happens today? Nobody knows what’s going to happen today, but I would expect that he will have a much, much, much better day today than he ever dreamed of having last Friday,” says Barnicle as he gives his prediction for Biden on Super Tuesday. Join the conversation here.