Jun 24, 2020
Donald Trump as Willy Loman

Morning Joe’s veteran columnist Mike Barnicle reflects on an Associated Press photograph by Patrick Semansky of President Donald J. Trump, which shows Trump returning from a re-election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, wearing a rumpled blue suit, white shirt, tie undone. “He’s walking slowly and his face looks defeated. And all I could think of in looking at that photograph was ‘Death of a Salesman.’ Donald Trump as Willy Loman….He’s selling a stale product, an old product, that more and more people aren’t buying because they’re confronted with the reality that we’re all confronted with: More than 40 million people unemployed and a virus that could kill you like that if you catch it from God knows where. And he says very little about that.” Watch more of the conversation with Barnicle and Morning Joe’s Willie Geist here.