Mar 04, 2020
Biden: Knocked Down but Not Out

“Joe is Joe. He does get up off the mat. He’s done it repeatedly throughout his life. And again, harkening back to South Carolina: I think one of the big things that people saw who were on the fence about Joe given his losses in Iowa and in New Hampshire was—the first thing they saw quite visibly, quite emotionally on television, which is like a national MRI—they saw humanity, and it’s been missing in the Oval Office since January 20th, 2017….Joe, you know this better than anybody—you’ve been on the ballot. Politics is a people business at its root. And I think you saw hundreds and thousands of people coming out coast to coast—Democrats—and one thing ruled above all: They are not willing to roll the dice on the future of this country by wasting a vote. They want to win. They want someone who can beat Donald Trump, and I think many of them feel strongly now that in Joe Biden they have that candidate,” says Morning Joe veteran columnist Mike Barnicle during a conversation with Joe Scarborough about the resiliency of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden after he was “knocked down” in the New Hampshire primary and is “pulling himself back up” with a huge victory on Super Tuesday.