May 21, 2019
What the Democrats need

Listen in on this Morning Joe conversation between Joe Scarborough and Mike Barnicle as they underscore the significance of Democrats being able to reach and connect with blue-collar voters as the 2020 presidential election approaches, following a New York Times report that suggests blue-collar voters in Youngstown, Ohio, are sticking with President Donald Trump despite the lack economic boom in their community. “You have to wonder out there in the country, in Youngstown Ohio, people watching and listening to this, do they really grasp the importance of what’s going on? I think probably at some level they do, but on a day-to-day basis they don’t, and this story for the Democrats: To achieve some sense of victory or standing in this story, they need to improve their narrative. They need a storyteller, and they need Bob Mueller to appear before the House to testify,” comments. Join the conversation here.