Feb 21, 2019
Barnicle: POTUS is a divider

Listen in on the Morning Joe conversation about the escalation of violent rhetoric in the era of President Donald Trump, following authorities having arrested a U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant and self-described white nationalist who had more than a dozen firearms, ammunition and a hit list of Democratic lawmakers, activists and media personalities in his Maryland home. “In crimes of hate, there are also motives…and in this case, the motive is clearly hatred, and the hatred unfortunately, and the truth of the hatred, the root of the hatred is often found in the intent of the President of the United States to daily use his Twitter account to divide the country….He’s just intent on dividing the country. It’s the first time in our history we’ve had it, we’re living through it. Hopefully we will all survive it; but, you cannot deny that it is out there. It exists on a daily basis. The President of the United States is a divider,” says Barnicle.