Oct 31, 2018
The World Series: a reflection of our country

“You know what is most rewarding about both teams and this year’s World Series played in the city where it was played? It’s a true reflection of what this country is all about today. The inclusiveness of both clubs, the rosters of both clubs, people from countries all over the world literally playing for both teams in a city where you can have an Iranian cab driver, and you can have a German waiter at a restaurant. The inclusiveness of the city—it represents what America is today, and specifically what we talk about here quite a bit, a President of the United States who seems to be fighting the reality that this country is so inclusive, so great, so big, so expansive. You know, I wish he were more a part of it,” says veteran columnist Mike Barnicle about the city of Los Angeles and President Donald Trump as the Morning Joe panel talks about the Boston Red Sox defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. Listen to more of the discussion here.