Nov 12, 2018
Rewind: Recounts

While the Morning Joe panel talk about the Senate races in Arizona and Florida where votes are still continuing to be assessed, veteran columnist Mike Barnicle explains: “There’s a larger issue here that we haven’t focused on…enough: In this age where we are surrounded by such technological creations that stun us each and every day with their improvements, the fact that we as a nation don’t have a single voting system that is easy to use, that’s reliable, that doesn’t have to rely on paper ballots (and) recounts. We’re talking today as if in Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida—same as we were talking about it in the year 2000—as if they have yet to discover electricity. I mean, it’s incredible that we’re still going through this after everything else in our lives is so easy, and so modernized and so technologically skillful.” Listen to more of the conversation here about the impact and outcome of the recounts.