Apr 19, 2018
Congressional Republicans versus the Justice Dept.

“Robert, we have one player in here who has yet been unnamed this morning in this drama that we’re talking about, and that is the retiring Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, who is leading, clearly, an undisciplined group of people out on their own, apparently, unless he’s involved in it. Devin Nunez doing things with his committee that are just incredibly outrageous in a sense, and now you have two members of Congress, Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan, going down, and as you just put it, confronting the Justice Department, basically saying: ‘Hand over stuff that we want to use for political ends.’ Where is Paul Ryan and what happens to his reputation?” asks Morning Joe veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of Washington Post political reporter Robert Costa during a conversation about a meeting Meadows (R-NC) and Jordan (R-OH) had with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to express concerns over the slow pace of Department of Justice documents being turned over to Congress, which is the latest example of friction between congressional Republicans and senior Justice Department officials. Listen to Costa’s response here.