Sep 06, 2018
Change is needed, but change toward what?

“Senator….You’re worried about the long-term future of the country. You’re worried about the short-term future of the country. Change is sweeping this country right now. It’s obvious in the headlines that we read each and every day. Yesterday, In Massachusetts in a Democratic primary, Mike Capuano—20-year-veteran of the House—lost to a young city councilwoman from Boston, Ayanna Pressley. One of her themes was: ‘Change can’t wait.’ And as voters look at you and every other candidate on the ballot, I’m wondering about the issue of term limits. Do you believe in term limits?” asks Morning Joe veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of Sen. Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) during a conversation about term limits. Sasse’s response: “If I could pull a lever that fired all five-hundred-and-thirty-five people, including myself, I’d do it in a heartbeat. We need change. But the real question is: Change toward what?’ Hear the rest of the conversation here on MSNBC.