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POTUS on Pittsburgh: “totally insensitive”

Listen in on the Morning Joe conversation between the Rev. Al Sharpton and veteran columnist Mike Barnicle about how President Donald Trump callously underestimated the impact of the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in recent United States history in Pittsburgh in his “totally insensitive” effort to turn the page and move on to the issue of immigration just days before the mid-term elections. Hear more of the conversation now.

Trump and the Rule of Law

“Given the language and the tone of the president’s campaign over just the past few days and the temperature of the crowds that he speaks to and that he raises the temperature. Speak not just to the danger of the law that this latest proposal is, but to the danger of the country—this rich diverse country,” asks veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of Georgetown University professor Neal Katyal about an op-ed Katyal co-authored in The Washington Post about President Donald Trump’s “unconstitutional” proposal to end birthright citizenship for babies born in the U.S. to noncitizens. Listen to Katyal’s response here.

The World Series: a reflection of our country

“You know what is most rewarding about both teams and this year’s World Series played in the city where it was played? It’s a true reflection of what this country is all about today. The inclusiveness of both clubs, the rosters of both clubs, people from countries all over the world literally playing for both teams in a city where you can have an Iranian cab driver, and you can have a German waiter at a restaurant. The inclusiveness of the city—it represents what America is today, and specifically what we talk about here quite a bit, a President of the United States who seems to be fighting the reality that this country is so inclusive, so great, so big, so expansive. You know, I wish he were more a part of it,” says veteran columnist Mike Barnicle about the city of Los Angeles and President Donald Trump as the Morning Joe panel talks about the Boston Red Sox defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. Listen to more of the discussion here.

Counting down to the midterms

“This is a changing country, everybody is aware of it. The basic appeal, to put it on the table bluntly, is whiteness; that’s what the President seems to be doing. So, my question to you, after your conversation with Vice President Pence: Is there any awareness from the vice president or others in the Administration that President Trump had thought this out, had talked to others about it before dropping this—let’s repeal basically the 14th Amendment of the Constitution? Was there anything at all, any dialogue at all, within the White House?” asks veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of Politico senior writer Jake Sherman during a conversation about President Donald Trump declaring another hardline immigration move, this time that he wants to order an end to the constitutional right to citizenship for babies born in the U.S. to non-citizens, days before the midterm elections. Listen to Sherman’s response here.

Barnicle on plot against Bob Mueller

“I’ve known Bob Mueller for a long, long time, and this alleged plot let by Jack Burkman to accuse Bob Mueller of harassment is ludicrous to begin with—and that’s putting it mildly. Heidi, what can you tell us, though, about Jack Burkman?” asks veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of NBC News national political reporter Heidi Przybyla as the Morning Joe panel talks about an apparent plot involving lobbyist Burkman, who had reportedly offered to pay a woman to make false sexual misconduct allegations against Mueller. Listen to Przybyla’s response here about the findings of her reporting. Only on Morning Joe.

US: “Not as divided as we think”

“The country is not, I don’t think, anecdotally, as divided as we think it is. People want community restored. They want calmness restored. As John Heilemann pointed out: This particular president has injected himself into this campaign to the point where he said: ‘I’m on the ballot. This is a vote for me.’ So, we’re going to find out a lot about the country, the direction of the country going forward, next Tuesday,” says veteran columnist Mike Barnicle during a conversation with Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough about President Donald Trump’s rhetoric leading up to the midterm elections, following the mass anti-Semitic shooting in Pittsburgh where 11 congregants were killed inside a synagogue. Hear the conversation now.

Final Thoughts

“(POTUS) fears children on trucks coming from Honduras and Guatemala and what they might do to the country, in his thinking, more than he fears what it does to this country when he erodes the fabric of the country by aligning himself with a potential accessory to murder, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia,” says veteran columnist Mike Barnicle, as he speaks on President Donald Trump defense of Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the Jamal Khashoggi murder case and his threatening on Twitter to shut down the southern U.S. border if Mexico doesn’t stop the “onslaught” of migrants fleeing Honduras. Hear more Morning Joe final thoughts here.

U.S. must demand answers

Listen in on the conversation between Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle and Washington Post columnist David Ignatius about the need for the U.S. to demand a credible, transparent investigation—and not contribute in any way to a cover up—into the presumed murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi during an interrogation that went wrong at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

POTUS and Saudi Arabia

While the Morning Joe panel talks about President Donald Trump being unwilling to hold Saudi Arabia responsible for the disappearance of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, following reports that indicate Saudi Arabia is prepared to admit that Khashoggi was killed during an interrogation that went wrong, veteran columnist Mike Barnicle explains: “This story also has to do with the $110 billion arms sales to Saudi Arabia—clearly more of a priority to the president of the United States than the national integrity of the United States’ foreign policy. Mike Pompeo, he’s in Saudi Arabia today. He’s going to meet with King Salman and with his son, the crown prince, MBS. And here’s what he’s going to do, this is an age-old story: He’s there to make their story a bit better for when it finally comes out. And it will be a rendition gone awry. That they ended up killing the guy, and they’re going to get away with it, too. They are going to get away with it.” Listen to more here.