Mar 30, 2017
“Why We Love John McCain”

Bringing back a Morning Joe segment called “Why We Love John McCain,” the panel weighs in on the latest tell-like-it-is moment for the Arizona Republican, who last week on MSNBC’s For the Record with Greta insulted North Korean President Kim Jong Un by calling him a “crazy fat kid.” Explains Barnicle: “That’s why he’s always been a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize– you know, speaking frankly to the world. We love John McCain. And in an odd, predictable way, I think he’s in the midst of his finest hours as a public servant. He is taking on the Trump Administration whenever he perceives them as going in the wrong direction. He’s speaking out, and he is being John McCain.” Tune in for more of the conversation, including McCain’s responses to North Korea, and host Joe Scarborough’s agreement with Barnicle’s assessment.