Apr 28, 2017
What is wrong with these people?

“Lanhee, would you agree with me on one of the definitions of hypocrisy this week has arrived with the health care proposal on the one hand, and the tax reform proposal on the other. So, you get Republican Governors like Greg Abbott (TX) saying ’no Medicaid expansion in our cities. It is going to bust the budget.’ The tax reform, the one-page tax reform proposal that’s on paper, would explode the deficit to a point where we’d be paying the deficit for like 100 million years ahead. What is wrong with these people?,” asks Morning Joe senior contributor Mike Barnicle of Hoover Institution research fellow Lanhee Chen during a conversation about the conflict of interest between the House Republicans’ revised healthcare bill proposal and President Donald Trump’s one-page tax reform proposal when it comes to the country’s budget and national debt. “The question is: Are Republicans willing to look the other way?” asks Chen. Hear more of the conversation here.