Jun 22, 2017
“We Killed Obamacare”

While the Morning Joe panel talks about the myriad of problems with the Senate Republicans’ health care bill, ahead of its unveiling, veteran columnist Mike Barnicle explains: “The bitter truth is, the harsh truth is that this is the end of the obsession with Obamacare. That’s all this health care bill is — giving them the right to go home for July 4th recess and saying: ’I voted to kill Obamacare.’ They don’t care what’s in it. They don’t care about the impact it’s going to have on millions of Americans. They just want to be able to say: ‘We killed Obamacare.’” Listen to more of the discussion on the GOP health care bill here with Barnicle, Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski and NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Kasie Hunt.