Mar 13, 2017
The Speaker of the House is slowly becoming unclothed in public

“The Speaker of the House — in some people’s views — is slowly becoming unclothed in public,” said Morning Joe’s veteran columnist Mike Barnicle in response to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s interview on CBS’s Face the Nation, during which he said he had no knowledge of any proof to support President Donald Trump’s accusations that former President Barack Obama ordered wiretapping of Trump’s phones. “(Ryan is) supposed to be a very smart guy. He comes out with this health plan — can’t tell you how much it costs. He is asked about the wiretapping tweet issued by the President of the United States a week ago, and he says: ‘Well, we have an unconventional presidency.’ Yeah, I would say so. You’re accusing a former president of being a felon.” Watch highlights from Speaker Ryan’s interview here with John Dickerson.