Aug 30, 2017
Texas Rescue and Recovery

As the Morning Joe panel discusses President Donald Trump’s visit to storm-ravaged Texas and his promises of federal aid for the destruction of Tropical Storm Harvey, senior contributor Mike Barnicle says of POTUS: “He showed up. And that’s in and of itself something for people to cling to in these desperate times in Texas. Events like this, this hurricane, national tragedies like this, there’s usually three stages: There’s the reaction to it, there’s the rescue phase — which we’re still in the middle of — and then, most importantly, the recovery stage. The recovery stage is going to be political, it’s going to be enormously costly, it’s going to have a reaction to things like the potential of a government shutdown….That’s going to be when we’re going to find out is the President capable of strong leadership because he going to have to make choices. Is he going to have to stick with the wall spending? Or is he going say, ‘let’s ignore the wall for right now — we have got to get Texas back up on its feet?’”