Mar 30, 2017
President Trump and the current political landscape

“Mark’s focus group was truly reflective of what you hear out in the country, with people saying: ‘ Hey, pump the brakes. The guy hasn’t been president for 70 days.’ They are not as worried as we get sitting here every day talking about these epic issues, like Russia and the House and Senate investigations. But it all leads to the fundamental question beneath Donald Trump, basically a non-ideological guy, basically a Democrat before he assumes office as President of the United States. How did he manage to sit there by himself and allow people like Steve Bannon strip him of his identity?” asks Morning Joe veteran columnist Mike Barnicle during a panel discussion based around footage from NBC senior political analyst Mark Halperin’s “The Circus” series on Showtime, which features Halperin going to Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire to hear views on President Trump and the current political landscape. Watch the segment here.