Jun 13, 2017
POTUS is “doing so many things that violate his oath of office.”

“Brian, does it concern you at all that when people hear about this (law) suit or read about this suit, that there’s a general knowledge that there is a big-league investigation of the President going on in both the Senate and the House and as a major leaguer Bob Mueller conducting his own investigation as special prosecutor and that people would think…’ah man, this is just now all politics. They’re just jumping on this poor guy,’ because the country is divided and a lot of Trump supporters will refuse to believe almost anything said or filed against him. Does that concern you at all?,” asks Morning Joe senior contributor Mike Barnicle of Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh during a conversation about Maryland and the District of Columbia filing a lawsuit against President Donald Trump, based on the claim that POTUS is violating the Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause that prohibits the president from accepting payments from foreign governments without the consent of Congress. Listen to Frosh’s response here about his view that POTUS is “doing so many things that violate his oath of office.”