Oct 18, 2017
POTUS and the Press: A Twitter Obsession

While the Morning Joe panel talks about President Donald Trump’s “official statements of the White House” via his tweets, senior contributor Mike Barnicle explains: “That is a huge issue. The fact that we are talking about his tweets, and we do it every day. The fact that not just here, but every network, every newspaper covers his tweets. We had 300 people killed in a terrorist bombing in Mogadishu — we didn’t even mention it. We have the four Green Berets killed in Niger — we now talk about it because of the controversy that erupted around President Trump. We don’t talk about the fact that they died in a country that very few Americans knew we were participating in militarily — in a war that is going to be a generational war that’s going to go on for 10, 15, 20 years. We don’t talk about that. There’s all sorts of important issues that we don’t raise, talk about and cover because of our obsession with his tweets.” Listen to more of the discussion on President Trump here with Joe Scarborough, Jon Meacham and Katty Kay.