Nov 13, 2017
Barnicle: ‘World leaders are laughing at our President’

While the Morning Joe panel discusses President Donald Trump’s trip through Asia, veteran columnist Mike Barnicle explains: “Sadly, and I truly regret to say this, but all weekend long, watching and following this trip, we can’t wait for history. The judgment is being made now. World leaders are laughing at our President of the United States, who stands on foreign soil, attacks two career intelligence officials, Brennan and Clapper, calls them hacks; attacks a former director of the FBI, calls him a liar. All of this happening after he rejects TPP…and while they roll out a red carpet and they give him a big crowd and he’s thrilled, saying things like ‘nobody has ever seen this before for any foreign leader in China.’ They are picking our pockets. We are the United States of America and, regretfully – I regret to say this – the President of the United States is without a clue as to who we are and what this country represents.” Listen to more of the conversation here about President Trump.