Nov 09, 2017
Barnicle: Tax Reform or Tax Revenge

During the Morning Joe conversation about the impact on Republicans following the Democratic Party’s big wins in state elections across the country, veteran columnist Mike Barnicle adds:
“People pay attention in this country. And people pay attention to things like the proposed tax bill — they call it tax reform. No, it’s tax revenge if you look at that bill, if you look at the elements of that bill. So people are sitting out there in the suburbs, in the cities, and they’re thinking, ‘Wait a minute, state and local tax — we’re not going to be able to put that on our tax returns? High medical costs — that’s going to be taken and eliminated. Student interest loans are going to be eliminated.’ That’s the problem the Republicans have — the problem they’re living with. That’s the problem that’s going to drown them.” Listen to more of the discussion here with Joe Scarborough and Harold Ford Jr.