Jul 22, 2016
“We are not weaklings in the world. We just are not.”

Live from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the Morning Joe panel analyzes Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s speech. “The question is: Are we, as a country, as people, going to be able to live through this campaign — 90 days of back and forth without some sense of hope about what this country is?” asks veteran columnist Mike Barnicle. “I get Trump’s speech last night. I fully get it. But … he wasn’t talking about the country that I live in. I don’t know a lot of people who wake up every day so afraid — so afraid of everything. ‘Oh, should we go outdoors today because there is crime all around and we are weaklings in the world?’ We are not weaklings in the world. We just are not,” said Barnicle to rousing applause from the live audience. Follow the rest of the conversation here.