Mar 14, 2016
“These rallies are now both dangerous and depressing”

Following violence and unrest at a Donald Trump for President rally in Chicago on Friday night, Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle and Joe Scarborough discuss Trump’s irresponsible rhetoric: “These rallies are now both dangerous and depressing,” says Barnicle. “Donald Trump entered this campaign known by most people for two words on TV, ‘you’re fired!’ Now he’s known by a multitude of people for a few more words, ‘get them out of here!’ And it’s the way he says it. A candidate, at a minimum level, has an obligation not to use his or her presence, his or her words on the stump, to incite a riot—and that’s what’s happening, multiple times a day at Trump rallies. He has an obligation to say, “pump the brakes…. Let’s all calm down.’” Hear the MSNBC conversation here.