Mar 14, 2016
“There’s an element of the arsonist to Donald’s (Trump) campaign”

“There’s an element of the arsonist to Donald’s (Trump) campaign,” says Mike Barnicle on Morning Joe about the Republican frontrunner’s presidential campaign. “The country is not in the mood for that. The country needs to be calmed down. Let’s make America great again? America IS great. Let’s make America greater,” Barnicle adds, as the Morning Joe panel begins to discuss his latest column for The Daily Beast, which contrasts the greatness of Democratic presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy in the turbulent America of 1968 and the divisive candidacy of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in 2016. Hear Mika Brzezinski read the column and watch the panel’s full discussion, featuring Eddie Glaude, Chair of the Center for African-American Studies at Princeton University, on how prevailing hardships across America continue to foster anger politics and how the candidates are out of touch with the real lives of voters. Read Barnicle’s column here.