Aug 09, 2016
Mike Barnicle talks with Frank Bruni about his column “Hillary’s Summer of Love”

On Morning Joe, veteran columnist Mike Barnicle talks with journalist Frank Bruni about his recent column for The New York Times: “Hillary’s Summer of Love” that suggests that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump “is the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton. He’s definitely the strangest. With his fits of pique, spasms of ignorance and flashes of demagogy, he has turned the G.O.P.’s favorite bogeywoman into its summer crush. I haven’t seen a love story this unlikely since “Harold and Maude,” writes Bruni. But when speaking of Trump, Barnicle says: “He has a base of voters that aren’t … going to go anywhere but with him and for him and by creating this sense… that the election is rigged he is setting up another illegitimate presidency.” Listen in on the conversation here on MSNBC.