Nov 28, 2016
Mike Barnicle on Kellyanne Conway’s comments

“This goes on in every transition…It went on in 2008 in the Obama [administration with] Secretary of State… John Kerry gave Barack Obama the podium in 2004 to help put him on the ascendancy and endorsed him early. [Kerry] does not get Secretary of State – said nothing, went quietly into the night back into the Senate. But there has never, ever been anything quite as remarkable as Kellyanne Conway’s [comments],” explains Morning Joe senior contributor Mike Barnicle as the panel analyzes the scrutiny that Trump detractor and former Governor Mitt Romney is receiving from other political figures, especially President Elect-Donald Trump’s campaign manager and adviser Kellyanne Conway, as he is being considered as a candidate for Trump’s secretary of state, proving that supporting a potential presidential nominee doesn’t guarantee a position in his cabinet. Listen to more of the discussion here.