Jan 07, 2016
Mike Barnicle on Elizabeth Warren’s show of support on Twitter for Bernie Sanders

On Morning Joe, hear the conversation that erupts when co-host Mika Brzezinski introduces Mike Barnicle as “veteran columnist and MSNBC contributor.”
“Have you seen his career, it’s amazing. Have you seen his writing, it’s amazing,” says Brzezinski. Former communications chief for George W. Bush and Morning Joe panelist offers up: “blockbuster news man” to describe Mike before the show moves on to discuss the news of the day.

Barnicle says of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) recent show of support on Twitter for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, “She quickly realized, after her lavish and deserved praise of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for sticking to the message that she’s been sending out for years, that there’s another candidate in the race. Everybody in America is eventually going to get in trouble for tweeting. Everybody.” Watch Morning Joe kick off the day’s news here. Only on MSNBC.