Jan 24, 2016
For The Daily Beast: Bernie Mania is Real and Powerful

In his latest column for The Daily BeastMike Barnicle takes a look at a struggling America—from the dwindling middle class comprised of families living paycheck-to-paycheck to the marginalized residents of Flint, Michigan, who don’t have safe water to drink—and the people finding hope in the presidential campaign of a 74-year-old socialist from Vermont, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. “Sanders has never wavered from his core beliefs across four decades. Now, the cross-currents of culture, politics, endless war, anxiety, frustration, a 2008 economic collapse of markets and confidence have swirled together to present Hillary Clinton with a ghost of 2008: A man, another man, whose time may have simply arrived… for the moment,” writes Mike of Bernie Sander’s threat to Hillary Clinton’s campaign ahead of the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. Read Mike’s column here on the undeniable effects of the Bernie Sanders campaign for The White House.

Bernie Mania is Real and Powerful