Dec 26, 2016
First 100 Days or First Official Day?

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, senior contributor Mike Barnicle weighs in on a conversation with host Joe Scarborough and Rick Tyler, former communications director for Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, regarding what President-elect Donald Trump and his administration might be setting their sights on for the first 100 days. “I have an odd feeling here, an instinct — and often my instincts are wrong — that the first day of his presidency is the most important day of his presidency in the near future and that is because what he does, what he tells the country in that Inaugural Address is going to go a long way toward pulling the country together…. His rhetoric, his tone, his behavior at that inauguration and what he tells the country to calm the country, to pull the country together, I think is going to be the core of the first year and perhaps of his entire four years of the presidency.” Hear more of the discussion here.