Sep 25, 2015
Mike Barnicle on the pending climate pact between the U.S. and China

The MSNBC Morning Joe conversation turns to President Barack Obama’s hosting of Chinese President Xi Jinping, with Jeffrey Sachs, economist and Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, joining the panel to talk with Mike Barnicle about a pending climate pact between the U.S. and China. “There’s an awful lot of doubt within certain economic circles, especially here in the U.S., about the actual strength of the Chinese economy and whether their numbers are accurate. So, if this agreement is even halfway implanted, what does it cost the Chinese? What does it do to their economy?,” asks Mike. Listen to Dr. Sachs’ list the motives for why a climate agreement with the U.S. can only be beneficial for China in the long term. Sachs will also participate in this weekend’s Global Citizen Festival, a movement designed to fight inequality, protect the planet, and end extreme poverty, hosted by Willie Geist, airing live on MSNBC.