Aug 04, 2015
Mike Barnicle on Donald Trump’s increasingly strong campaign for the presidency

Ahead of the first Republican presidential debate this week, organized by Fox News, MSNBC’s Morning Joe discusses the impact of Donald Trump’s increasingly strong campaign for the presidency. “The poll that would scare me [as a candidate] is the poll that shows him most trusted with the economy by a substantial margin,” says Mike of a recent New Hampshire poll that shows Trump leading with 43% among Republican primary voters as the candidate who would best handle the economy. “One of the more amusing things about the criticisms of Trump—who I don’t believe will end up with the Republican nomination, by the way—is about those buildings on the Westside of Manhattan, as you travel up the Westside highway you see Trump this and Trump that, when people say ‘yeah, but he doesn’t own the buildings.’ No, he markets and licenses his name and that I think contributes to the fact that New Hampshire voters would trust him with the economy, ” continues Mike. Watch more of the discussion on Trump here.