Jul 12, 2015
For The Daily Beast: The Heroes And Villains Of Subways

In Mike Barnicle’s latest column for The Daily Beast, Mike writes of riding the subway train in New York City: “In addition to being the quickest way to travel to different neighborhoods, (it) is also the ultimate democracy,” Mike also points out the dangers faced by subway passengers on any given moment and the uncertainty of our actions (or inactions) once the doors close, as is the case with the recent, brutal slaying of Kevin Sutherland aboard one of Washington D.C.’s Metro trains. “From a comfortable seat in front of their laptop or using their unthreatened fingers on a smart phone, hundreds weighed in on what they would have done. The reality is that nobody knows how they would react in a similar situation,” writes Mike of comments made after news of the senseless murder spread across social media. Read Mike’s take on subway commutes here and learn what he believes is the big question not too many people are asking in what could have been a preventable tragedy.

The Heroes And Villains Of Subways