Aug 02, 2015
For The Daily Beast: Authentic Biden Vs. Hillary’s Mystery

Amid new speculation that Vice President Joe Biden will make another run for the presidency, Mike Barnicle’s latest column for The Daily Beast takes a close look at VP Biden’s character—one forged by tragedy, loss, family, and faith—and contrasts it with that of Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton. “He is, perhaps, the least complicated man in public life. It’s all right there, on display, for anyone and everyone to hear and see, to criticize or applaud. There is no filter, sometimes to his detriment. There is never any pretense. There is never, not ever, any attempt to hide or even disguise an emotion. Nobody wonders who Joe Biden is,” writes Mike of the Vice President. In contrast, Mike sums up the question nagging Hillary Clinton: “…it hovers above Hillary Clinton like a crop duster with a full tank of gas. It’s been there for nearly three decades. It’s always there, won’t go away and seems as if it’s never really fully answered and it is this: Who is she? Really, who is she?” Read the entire column and Mike’s profile of Joe Biden here.

Authentic Biden Vs. Hillary’s Mystery