Entries from Mar 2015
Mike Barnicle and Miles Nadal discuss easing sanctions on Iran

On Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle and Miles Nadal, Chairman/CEO of MDC Partners, discuss the possible implications of easing sanctions on Iran so that oil can be shipped in greater quantities around the world. If that were to happen, Mike asks if the money from increased oil sales can be tracked so that it does not fund terrorism in the region. Hear Nadal’s answer here.

Mike Barnicle and David Ignatius on the Iranian nuclear talks

Mike Barnicle and David Ignatius of the Washington Post have a frank discussion about the world significance and impact of the Iranian nuclear talks and deadline day. Mike makes the point: “The world needs this deal,” saying that he cannot recall a negotiation as serious as this one when an entire region was at war. Listen here to David Ignatius’ reply.

For The Daily Beast: A Boston Cop Shooti...

For The Daily Beast, Mike weighs in on the tragic shooting of a decorated Boston Police Department (Official) officer this weekend by a career criminal and how the gunfight is viewed by bystanders, despite the camera that captured it all. “The truth today is that one young police officer, brave and without fear, fights for his life in a hospital while another man, a wrecking crew all by himself, is dead.”

A Boston Cop Shooting and Our Post-Truth Era


The Washington Post: Boston’s support for 2024 Olympics bid might be headed to t...

“You can’t underestimate the drag that the breakdown in public transportation had in the month of February,” said Mike Barnicle, a former Boston newspaper columnist and current contributor to MSNBC. “The winter was so fierce, and the T was virtually shut down for five weeks in what is the Olympic capital of cynicism: Boston. That had a lot of people thinking about cost and how much the taxpayers would have to bear.”

Boston’s support for 2024 Olympics bid might be headed to the ballot

Read the full story here.


Mike Barnicle and Matt Lewis of The Daily Caller head-to-head on Israel

On Morning Joe, Mike and Matt Lewis of The Daily Caller go head-to-head in a discussion on the current problems with Israel. Mike criticizes Speaker John Boehner’s invitation to the Israeli Prime Minister. Boehner “is not the President.”

Mike Barnicle’s tough assessment of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’...

On Morning Joe, Mike gives a tough assessment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s tactics, during a discussion of an investigative article in today’s The Wall Street Journal. Listen to the conversation with Mika Brzezinski here.

Morning Joe love fest

Morning Joe started with a love fest this morning. Well, sort of. Watch it here.

Mike Barnicle on the mindset of the Pentagon’s war-planners

Mike Barnicle on Morning Joe queried White House chief correspondent Jim Miklaszewski about the mindset of the Pentagon’s war-planners relating to ISIS and the failed states of Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Mike Barnicle on Netanyahu’s backtracking on the two-state solution

On Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle and Joe Scarborough discuss Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s backtracking on the two-state solution. Mike says that in 2009 the Israeli Prime Minister held one view and in 2015 he has now changed his position. Mike quotes the Prime Minister directly. Hear the whole conversation here.

Mike Barnicle on how ISIS’ strategy is not working

Is ISIS starting to fray? That was the question on Morning Joe, when Mike Barnicle and the team discussed the growing Islamic State’s inability to govern well. Mike tells us bluntly how their strategy is not working.

Mike Barnicle talks about Hillary Clinton’s private email problem

On Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle and the team talk about Hillary Clinton’s private email problem and the question of whether foreign money was funneled to her Clinton Foundation while she was serving as Secretary of State. Says Mike, the public is less interest in the fact that the emails were private than they are in following the money trail. Hear the discussion here on msnbc.

For The Daily Beast: Watching MLK from V...

In his latest column for The Daily Beast, Mike tells the moving story of one marine who knows all too well the long road President Barack Obama was referring to in his speech yesterday marking the the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama.

Watching MLK from Vietnam’s Rice Paddies


Mike Barnicle and the two signs of a recovering economy

“Two huge signs of a recovering economy are: one, the pay raises that Walmart and other retailers are giving in order to keep good employees; and the other thing, when you go past any Home Depot parking lot, it’s more full today,” says Mike Barnicle in response to the latest jobs report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The U.S. economy added 295,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 5.5% this past month, the lowest level since May 2008. Watch the conversation between Mike and the Morning Joe team here.

Mike Barnicle asks Rev. Al Sharpton about steps needed towards social justice

Fifty years after the Selma to Montgomery marches, Mike Barnicle, the Morning Joe team and the Rev. Al Sharpton discuss the social justice progress still needed and the fact that not a single member of House Republican leadership is attending the commemoration of the historic civil rights event. “Not just in Selma, not just in Ferguson, but around the country… what steps can we continue to make—bolder steps obviously needed—to do something about the isolation of so many black communities?,” Mike asks the Rev. Sharpton. Watch the moving discussion only on msnbc.

Mike Barnicle discusses concerns over Hillary Clinton

On Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle and the team discuss Hillary Clinton-related criticisms and especially concerns over her use of a personal email account while Secretary of State. “You get the sense that Hillary Clinton’s biggest problem is the weight of 30 years of what are supposed to be explanations but sound like excuses. People are going to be thinking, when she does run for President, enough is enough,” says Mike. Watch the conversation only on msnbc.

For The Daily Beast: How We Know Boehner...

From the battle to fund the Department of Homeland Security to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech and the far-right future of the Republican party, Mike Barnicle tries to make sense of the inner turmoil swarming around Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH). “Boehner isn’t crazy. He’s just scared and powerless. He’s frightened [House Republicans] will lead a charge on his job, and if he had the clout to stop them—unlikely—he’s either afraid to use it or doesn’t know how,” says Mike. Read Mike’s column on The Daily Beast.

How We Know Boehner Doesn’t Care About #TheDress