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The Republican Party “is long gone”

“This is a Republican Party now committed to themselves, the same way their nominee, Donald Trump, is committed to himself….He suggested that it would be wonderful if the stock market crashed this year. So it would help him electorally. In other words, he would be applauding if people went broke, lost their homes, or whatever this year because it would enhance his opportunities to again become president of the United States. There is no more Republican Party. The Republican party of just recent memory, the Republican Party that you (Joe Scarborough) belonged to, that you ran for office under their flag, Joe, that party is long gone,” says Mike Barnicle about the Republican Party during this Morning Joe conversation about the state of the party as former President Donald Trump’s push to kill a bipartisan immigration deal may now have derailed a major national security package, forcing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to suggest a new course of action and endangering aid to Ukraine and Israel in the process.

Democracy hangs in the balance

Watch this Morning Joe conversation between Jonathan Lemire and Mike Barnicle as they discuss President Joe Biden’s trip to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, where he will deliver a speech on democracy to mark the January 6th anniversary in what will resemble an unofficial campaign kickoff for his reelection bid. “Unless you concentrate on telling people and talking about democracy, we’re soon going to end up losing a democracy. I mean, this is a very depressing state that we’re in as a country when you think about it….The year ahead is going to be really, really demanding of us as citizens, to take a look at what’s going to happen. The President of the United States every day has the job of doing many, many things….And he’s got to ask America really, not in these words, but he’s going to ask America: ‘What do you want to risk going forward.’ Listen to Donald Trump, listen to Joe Biden, what are you willing to risk with your vote?” asks Barnicle as we embark on this 2024 presidential election year.

Report on a year-long U.S. road trip

ICYMI: Tune in for this Morning Joe conversation with Willie Geist, Mike Barnicle and POLITICO politics editor David Siders who stopped by to discuss “What I Saw on the Dreary Road to 2024,” his year-long roadtrip across the U.S. to chronicle how American politics is shifting.

Tommy Tuberville: “He’s a dope”

Listen in on this Morning Joe conversation with Willie Geist, Jacqueline Alemany, Donny Deutsch and Mike Barnicle as they discuss the Senate in a single stroke approving about 425 military promotions after Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama ended a monthslong blockade of nominations over his opposition to a Pentagon abortion policy. “You may have had a head of household—a father, a soldier, or mother who is a soldier—sent somewhere else, other than where the children are going to school. That family is disrupted for an entire year because of one thing, this dope, and he is a dope – Tommy Tuberville,” says Barnicle about the damage Sen. Tuberville has caused for military families over the past year.

Who will aid Ukraine?

Tune in for this Morning Joe conversation with Willie Geist, Mike Barnicle, and British Foreign Secretary David Cameron about which country may lead the effort to help Ukraine’s defense in the war with Russia as U.S. Senate Republicans have blocked a bill to provide aid to Ukraine over a lack of border provisions in the measure. “President Biden pulled together the strong collection of NATO countries on behalf of Ukraine and has kept them solidified. And now that we seem to be on the verge, perhaps, of the American Congress not providing funding for Ukraine to go further, at least funding through maybe the end of the year or certainly into next year, which group of European nations—or maybe it’s one nation—steps up to lead the effort to keep Ukraine in the fight? Would it be Great Britain? Would it be Germany? Who would it be?” asks Barnicle of Cameron. Watch the conversation here.

Each poll is like a sunset

“The interesting thing about polls right now—and it’s the only interesting thing—is that it’s like taking a picture of a sunset, each poll. There’s going to be another sunset tomorrow. Things change. Nobody is paying attention really—other than people like us—to a future election a year away. The interesting aspect of the election, I would submit, is that we have one political party, the Republican Party, seriously interested, seemingly from top to bottom, in marching this country backward. Their principal interest is in taking things away from people—things that people have grown used to living with,” says veteran columnist Mike Barnicle during this Morning Joe conversation about the unreliable nature of political polls.

State of the economy

“We live in a country with no patience, no patience whatsoever. A country that has a diminishing memory of anything that happened further back than a week ago….We live in a TikTok nation where people get their news in about 20, 25 seconds on their phone. So, here’s their day: They get up in the morning, man or woman, going to work. They need gas. The last thing that Americans do together because, there’s no full-service gas stations anymore, is take the pump, put it in the side of the car, lean against the car, and watch those numbers flash by, say ‘wow.’ So, a month ago, they would fill up for 70 bucks and now they’re doing 20 bucks at a time to save money. Then they go to the grocery store. You see the price of eggs? ‘Wow.’ They put the eggs; they pay; they leave the grocery store. They go home. They get home at the end of the workday. They make out a check or Zelle their credit card payment, credit card interest rates have gone up. ‘Wow, I’m getting hammered all day long.’ The phone rings. And it’s a pollster. ‘How do you feel about the country?’ ‘It’s terrible, it’s terrible.’ It’s human nature, is what it is. It’s not political so much as it is cultural and economic,” says Barnicle about the state of the American economy in this Morning Joe conversation with Joe Scarborough, Willie Geist and Donny Deutsch.

Antisemitism is a disease

Watch this Morning Joe conversation with Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Mike Barnicle and Commentary editor John Podhoretz about why antisemitism does not erode and is surging on college campuses and around the globe in the wake of the October 7 massacre in Israel. “This disease—and antisemitism is a disease—why does it linger, recede, erupt and always the focus is always on the Jews? Why?” asks Barnicle. Hear Podhoretz’s response here.

The job of the president: “Not for the weak or the weary”

Tune in for this Morning Joe conversation between veteran columnist Mike Barnicle and The New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker about “the turmoil, the trouble, the minute-by-minute focus” of the enormity of the job of the presidency, following President Joe Biden having been briefed on the massacre in Lewiston, Maine, last night during a State Dinner for the Prime Minister of Australia.

“It’s a sad day for our country”

Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski and Mike Barnicle play for viewers and discuss the emotional words of Sacramento Kings head coach Mike Brown after the team’s win last night over the Utah Jazz, when he wanted to talk about the horrendous breaking news of the mass murder in Lewiston, Maine, instead of basketball. “It’s a sad day. It’s a sad day for our country. It’s a sad day in this world,” the coach said. “And, until we decide to do something about it, the powers that be, this is going to keep happening. And our kids are not going to be able to enjoy what our kids are about because we don’t know how to fix a problem that’s right in front of us.” Adds Barnicle: “Lewiston, Maine, population 37,000, and we sit here, this great country of ours, greatest country in the history of the world, and we can do nothing about this continually happening week after week after week here in the United States of America.” Join the conversation here.

All eyes and ears on finding gunman

Tune in for this Morning Joe conversation between veteran New England columnist Mike Barnicle and NBC News senior law enforcement analyst Cedric Alexander about the extensive manhunt that is underway for a Maine native who killed at least 16 people and wounded dozens more in a rampage at a restaurant and a bowling alley in Lewiston and the importance of residents staying safe while keeping their eyes and ears open and reporting anything that might help in “finding, tracking, and capturing” the gunman.

Russia-Ukraine war continues into the winter months

“The media spotlight has fallen off of Ukraine lately with the focus being clearly, and responsibly, on the Middle East and what’s going on there; but in Ukraine, winter is fast approaching. It is still a very hot war, and it’s a war between two nations, Russia and Ukraine—in which one nation, Russia, has a deep, deep bench of people, of soldiers, that they can keep sending to the front. Ukraine, less so. What are the prospects for a long winter war?,” asks Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle of National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby. Hear Kirby’s response as to the perils of the months to come but also why Ukraine is well positioned with the help of its allies.

What happens next?

Watch this Morning Joe conversation with Joe Scarborough, Mike Barnicle and Washington Post columnist David Ignatius about the possibility of the United States engaging in a military operation in the Middle East. “What happens when inevitably, sadly, the first American is killed in action through Iranian missile shots or whatever in Iraq or Syria, what happens when the phone rings in Amman, Riyadh and the United Arab Emirates and the President of the United States is on the other end of the line and he says, ‘boys, we’ve had enough. We’re going to saddle up here.’ What happens then?” asks Barnicle. Hear Ignatius’ response here.


Watch this Morning Joe conversation with Joe Scarborough, Richard Haass and Mike Barnicle as they discuss with The Washington Post’s Jacqueline Alemany the ongoing “chaos” inside the House of Representatives as now eight Republicans are vying for the speakership after almost three weeks without a leader in the House. How does this “chaos” impact America’s reputation abroad? Join the conversation.

Capitol Police Officer shares his January 6th story

Jonathan Lemire and Mike Barnicle talk with Capitol police officer Harry Dunn who joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book “Standing My Ground: A Capitol Police Officer’s Fight for Accountability and Good Trouble After January 6th,” his stirring memoir about the truth of the January 6th attack on the Capitol. “Harry, we are now nearly three years from that day, as you describe it, ‘that day.’ You’re still going to work nearly every day as a Capitol police officer. Do you carry any baggage from that day when crowds come into the Capitol these days? Your daughter, who was 11 then, is now a little older; she called you that day in the middle of everything. How does this rumble around in your mind?” asks Barnicle. Hear Dunn’s response about the traumatic event that made the U.S. Capitol a crime scene on one of the darkest days in American history and how still, he’s not deterred from being able to do his job.

“Against Barbarism”

Morning Joe’s veteran columnist Mike Barnicle speaks with Eliot Cohen, the Robert E. Osgood Professor at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies and The Atlantic contributing writer, about “the inability among some university presidents to distinguish between what is a terrorist and who is a militant. The fact that we continue to claim that Hamas is after Israelis, when Hamas really is after Jews, to be specifically clear; and…coverage of the hospital bombing that almost immediately…was blamed on the Israelis,” explains Barnicle. Hear Cohen’s response about the moral and legal distinctions “against barbarism.”

Team of Destiny?

Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough, Jonathan Lemire and Mike Barnicle talk about the Texas Rangers mashing their way to the World Series in Houston, soundly defeating the Houston Astros 11-4 after piling on eight runs in the first four innings. “Yesterday was a key example of (manager Bruce) Bochy’s importance to the Rangers, Jonathan. In that he goes out and he hooks Max Scherzer off that mound in the third inning. And Scherzer, you could tell, was disturbed about being taken out; but you’re not going to fool with Bruce Bochy,” says Barnicle about the three-time World Series-winning manager who came out of retirement to manage the Rangers.

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Please join with Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and the Morning Joe family to celebrate the “legendary” Mike Barnicle on this special birthday! Share in the memories and well wishes for “one of the greatest columnists of the twentieth century” on his big day. Responds Mike: “At this stage of my life, if I wake up every day, it’s a special day.” Join the celebration here.

Shock around the world

Veteran columnist Mike Barnicle speaks with State Department spokesman Matt Miller about Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s communication with leaders of other Middle Eastern countries since Hamas launched a terrorist attack on Israel, where the death toll has topped 1,200, including 22 Americans. Miller said the “really brutal” attack “shocked the world” with a “depravity not seen since ISIS.” Watch the segment here.

Biden’s comments on Hamas’ attack on Israel

Tune in for this Morning Joe conversation with Willie Geist, Mike Barnicle and Mika Brzezinski as they discuss President Joe Biden’s public, forceful condemnation of Hamas’ actions as terrorism and his vow to stand with Israel after Hamas’ brutal and deadly weekend massacre on Israel during which Hamas fighters stormed into Israeli towns, killing hundreds and abducting many others. “We saw the President of the United States give perhaps the strongest, firmest outline of who he is—who we are as a nation—in this troubled world that you’re ever going to hear from a president….This was an act of terrorism, an act of barbarism, that we saw over the weekend,” said Barnicle. Watch the segment here.