Entries from Nov 2019
Barnicle on DC: “A town filled with cowards”

Listen in on the Morning Joe panel discussion of The Washington Post associate editor Eugene Robinson’s article: “Trump insiders are finally speaking up. What took so long?” with Robinson, Willie Geist, Mike Barnicle and PBS NewsHour White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor. “Gene is talking about and writing about a town filled with cowards. From anonymous to Republicans who you know—who we all know—who will speak to you off the record about how dangerous this is, about how all of the norms and standards have been either broken, or lowered, or disappeared and yet will not put their names on it,” adds Barnicle. Hear more of the conversation now.

The Sea of Subpoenas

Listen in on the Morning Joe conversation with Willie Geist, Mike Barnicle and legal analyst Danny Cevallos about the federal court ruling that former Trump White House counsel Donald McGahn must comply with a House subpoena in its Trump impeachment inquiry because top presidential advisers cannot ignore congressional demands for information. “In this sea of subpoenas, Danny, that have been issued, many people who have been issued a subpoena have just totally ignored the subpoena. How does that happen?”
Hear Cevallos’ response here to what’s next.

The race is on for 2020

The Morning Joe panel of Willie Geist, Eddie Glaude Jr., Richard Haass and Mike Barnicle analyze the field of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates with the addition of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to the race. “Already it’s a factor, but it’s going to become a larger factor after the holidays are over, at the beginning of the new year: Which among these candidates—who can beat Donald Trump? That’s going to be the factor,” says Barnicle. Join the conversation here.

Republican “attacks’ on Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

The Morning Joe panel discusses Republicans having shown “disrespect” in their “attacks” of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a Purple Heart recipient and Iraq war veteran, during his public testimony in the House impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump and the ramifications their behavior may have on the Republican Party as a whole. “As we speak this morning, the United States Army is providing 24-hour security for this man who did his duty to the country,” says veteran columnist Mike Barnicle about Vindman, who testified in his Army dress uniform.

Volker changes his story

Listen in on this Morning Joe conversation with Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, Willie Geist and Mike Barnicle about Kurt Volker, the former U.S. envoy to Ukraine, having revised his testimony—during his public hearing in the House impeachment inquiry—from his Oct. 3 private deposition, now saying he didn’t know at that time that military aid to Ukraine had been linked to Ukraine launching investigations that would have been politically beneficial to President Donald Trump.

Recap: Week One of the Impeaching Hearings

Listen in on the conversation between Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle and former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade recapping the first week of the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump and the effectiveness of the Democrat’s lead counsel Daniel Goldman, who has been tasked with questioning key witnesses in the public hearings.

The latest on the Impeachment Hearings

Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarbough, Mike Barnicle and the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson review Week One of the public hearings in the House impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump and look ahead to this week. “One of the things that set the week apart, I would think, would be Dan Goldman’s questioning on the Democratic side—Dan Goldman’s questioning, of each and every witness that appeared before the committee because it was professional, it was concise, it was to the point, it was deliberate and explanatory,” says Barnicle about Goldman, the Democrat’s lead counsel in the impeachment inquiry.

Bloomberg reverses on “stop-and-frisk”

Listen in on this Morning Joe conversation with Joe Scarborough and Mike Barnicle as they discuss Michael Bloomberg apologizing for the New York Police Department’s policy of “stop and frisk,” a controversial policing method the former mayor and potential 2020 candidate has repeatedly defended as helping to lower the murder rate during his time in office. “The stunning thing about this…was that Mike Bloomberg, who so vociferously backed this policy for years after he left the mayoralty, all of a sudden, boom, he turns around,” says Barnicle. Hear more of the discussion here.

Malcolm Gladwell on his latest book “Talking to Strangers”

Listen in on the Morning Joe conversation with best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell as he discusses the specific cases in his latest critically acclaimed book “Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know,” which is based partly on interviews with scientists, criminologists and military psychologists. “We’re increasingly living in an age where what we’re doing right now is of diminishing value – eye contact. We have these things,” says Mike Barnicle says of his smart phone. “How does that add to the lack of communication between people?” Hear Gladwell’s responses here.

Republicans: Is the Canary Dead?

Listen in as the Morning Joe panel analyzes the status of the Republican Party heading into the 2020 national elections, following the state elections where Democrats won control of all three branches of government in Virginia for the first time in a generation. “If you’re a Republican strategist…measuring last night’s results, looking forward to a year from now, your next year’s election, it’s a shop-worn phrase, ‘the canary in the coal mine.’ But if you’re a Republican strategist, can you tell your clients ‘got to watch out because the canary is dead?’” asks veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of MSNBC national political correspondent Steve Kornacki. Hear Kornacki’s response here. Only on MSNBC.

Barnicle: The “destruction” of the State Department

Listen in on this Morning Joe conversation with Mika Brzezinski, Elise Jordan, John Heilemann and Mike Barnicle about the “destruction” of the Department of State in the era of President Donald Trump, after transcripts revealed that former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch told House investigators that she felt shocked and threatened when she learned what President Trump had said about her on a July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president. “It’s hard to believe, but there might be a larger story than the threats to Ambassador Yovanovitch—and it would be the slow destruction of the State Department as evidenced here in the release of these transcripts,” says Barnicle. “We’re seeing this play out in real time now with the destruction of a single department, the State Department, that is key to the United States role in the world.” Join the conversation here.

Washington Nationals at the White House

The Morning Joe panel discusses the 2019 World Series champion Washington Nationals’ trip to the White House to celebrate their victory with President Donald Trump and whether star pitcher Stephen Strasburg will rejoin the team after opting out of the final four years of his contract, three days after being chosen MVP of the World Series. Hear what Willie Geist, Claire McCaskill and Mike Barnicle predict Strasburg’s next move will be.

The Resilience of Joe Biden

“You don’t have to go to Virginia or Maryland. Go to New Hampshire, one of the first primaries. You walk around and despite what the New York Times says on the front page: ‘Joe can’t speak English,’ you go to New Hampshire, go to a shopping mall up there, people like him, they want to like him. He has a tremendous resilience in his support,” says Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle about Vice President Joe Biden in his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. Hear more of the conversation with Elise Jordan and Jason Johnson about the field of Democratic presidential candidates after polls show Biden remains the top candidate in the Nevada, Michigan and Texas primary races.

Health Care for All?

Listen in on this Morning Joe conversation between Mike Barnicle and Associated Press’ White House reporter Jonathan Lemire about voter trepidation over some of the policy plans of the Democratic presidential candidates, following Sen. Elizabeth Warren releasing her $52 trillion healthcare plan. “The idea of handing over your healthcare to the federal government is scaring a lot of people,” comments Barnicle. Hear more of the discussion now.

POTUS’ Weekend Tweetstorm

Listen in on the Morning Joe conversation with Mika Brzezinski and Mike Barnicle about President Donald Trump’s most recent tweetstorm, 75 tweets over this past weekend alone, during which President Trump suggested Republicans should release their own versions of transcripts of interviews in the House’s ongoing impeachment inquiry because Democrats are releasing “manipulated propaganda” as transcripts. “A lot of people know this…it’s not a Republican transcript, it’s not a Democratic transcript—it’s a legitimate transcriber, a stenographer, an independent person. You’re sworn that this is an accurate transcript that you’re taking, and the idea that the Republicans have a different transcript than the Democrats – absurd,” says Barnicle of the non-partisan position of stenographer.