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Mike Barnicle talks about getting more people enrolled in Obamacare

“How come all of you people with such big brains can’t figure out a way to get more younger, healthier people to jump into this system?” Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle asks Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, former White House advisor for health policy, about getting more people enrolled in Obamacare. Hear Dr. Emanuel’s answer and how it involves changing the national attitude around health care.

Mike Barnicle on the influence of Al-Adnani in Syria

MSNBC foreign correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin joins Morning Joe senior contributor Mike Barnicle to discuss what is to come following the death of ISIS leader Abu Muhammad al-Adnani in Syria. “Given the growing structure of the leadership… are there other bureaucratic elements of ISIS in Europe as opposed to just Syria? Are we making a mistake here in the United States thinking we’ve cut off the head now of ISIS by killing him?” asks Barnicle. Tune in the hear Mohyeldin’s answer here.

Mike Barnicle on Hillary Clinton impairing her own campaign

Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, Donny Deutsch and Mike Barnicle discuss Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s decades of service and debate what she might do to put to rest all the controversy around her emails and the Clinton Foundation. “The email, the home server, the Foundation, I think it’s all part of the baggage that the Clintons’ have lugged across the landscape of this country for 30 years.” Hear the panel’s suggestions for Clinton’s campaign here.

Mike Barnicle on the Clinton Foundation turmoil

MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Willie Geist and senior contributor Mike Barnicle discuss the continuing controversy surrounding Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her email problem and the issue of the Clinton Foundation.
Says Barnicle: “The Clintons have always operated under the premise, ‘Look, we’re going to do good things, so just don’t worry about us. Stop questioning our motives.’ But is the public buying that premise?

Donald Trump prepares his visit to Mexico

Ahead of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico, the Morning Joe panel discusses the visit’s significance in his overall campaign. Says veteran columnist and MSNBC senior contributor Mike Barnicle about Trump: “He has a form of political amnesia that allows him to say something one day that he said the direct opposite of the next day and still, up until 72 hours ago, still when the crowd wanes in terms of its love for him, he goes right [back] to we’re going to build the wall.” Will the visit make a difference? Hear more of the conversation here.

Mike Barnicle on the recent controversy surrounding the Clinton Foundation

With the Clinton Foundation enveloped in ongoing scrutiny and growing uncertainty, veteran columnist and Morning Joe regular Mike Barnicle sums up the recent controversy. “I don’t know anyone who questions the good works that have been done by the organization… It gets to judgment, it doesn’t get to corruption as far as I’m concerned.” What’s next for the Foundation and how might it restructure if Hillary Clinton were to be elected President? Find out here.

Mike Barnicle on Donald Trump’s continuous flip-flopping

“When your ideology and your beliefs are grounded in Jello it’s fairly easy to do it,” says Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle as the conversation on the show centers on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s continuing shifts on a variety of social and political issues. What are the potential motivations behind Trump’s “softening” on certain stances? Hear what the Morning Joe panel has to say here.

Mike Barnicle on the disclosure of the Presidential candidates’ medical hi...

Following up on former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s statement that “all you have to do to find out about Hillary Clinton’s health is [to] check it out on the internet,” Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle asks former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson his opinion on the situation. “What do you think about [Hillary Clinton’s] health and what do you think about what Rudy Giuliani is doing?” Hear what Carson has to say, here on MSNBC.

Mike Barnicle on Donald Trump’s response to criticism

Referencing this week’s Fox News’ Sean Hannity’s town hall interview with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, veteran columnist Mike Barnicle responds to Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough’s observations about Trump’s campaign strategy: “He seems to be the kind of person who hears only the negative refrain…. He’s going to win back that one person who shouted in disagreement with him at the expense of his campaign,” says Barnicle. More of the discussion is here.

Mike Barnicle on the ongoing relationship between the Clintons and private money

Veteran columnist Mike Barnicle and the Morning Joe panelists discuss the ongoing relationship between the Clintons and private money, citing the insider access it seems to provide. Barnicle suggests: “To make it easier, prior to (Hillary Clinton’s) election we’re going to establish an easy-pass lane so that you can come with your tributes [and] you don’t have to stop at the toll booth.” The rest of the conversation is here.

Mike Barnicle on the “breathtaking” report about the Clinton Foundat...

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, panel members reacted to the “breathtaking” report by the Associated Press that shows that donors to the Clinton Foundation gained special access to the State Department “to a large extent.” Veteran columnist Mike Barnicle opines: “If (Hillary Clinton) were running against a more credible opponent, this would perhaps be almost a death note because rather than get to corruption, at first, it gets to judgment. What were they thinking?” Follow the rest of the conversation here.

Mike Barnicle on Donald Trump’s “softening” of his deporation ...

Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle is joined by The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein and former George W. Bush White House communications chief Nicolle Wallace to discuss what is being described as “a softening” of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s deportation policy, prompting Barnicle to ask: “What happens in the echo chamber that is right-wing talk radio as he begins to ‘soften’ … his position?” Listen in on the conversation here.

For The Daily Beast: John Timoney: A Pol...

In his latest column for The Daily Beast, Mike Barnicle writes about the extraordinary life of his friend and top cop John Timoney, an Irish immigrant who curbed crime as Chief of the New York Police Department, Philadelphia Police Commissioner and most recently Miami Police Department Chief. Barnicle juxtaposes Timoney’s life and life’s work with that of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, writing: “John Timoney was a sentinel of the city. And his life, his accomplishments and his very demeanor stand as a vivid antidote to the toxic behavior of another man from New York City who manages to incite a fear of the future by constantly hinting or even claiming that America is being stolen by some who do not belong here or rigged by some others in political power.” Read the rest of the column here on Timoney, who passed away earlier this month in Miami.

John Timoney: A Policeman, Hero & Everything Donald Trump Is Not


Mike Barnicle discusses the ongoing controversy in Syria

Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough and Mike Barnicle discuss the ongoing controversy in Syria and the growing ramifications of the hands-off stance the United States has taken.“Through our inaction we have walked and talked ourselves globally into a situation in Syria that is now the fuse of Syria [and] entwines nearly all of Europe… and a huge part of the civilized world,” says Barnicle, who goes so far as to say that the way in which the United States has handled the instabilities were, in retrospect, “a huge, huge mistake. A huge error.” Watch the conversation here. Only on MSNBC.

Morning Joe final thoughts (and jests)

With just more than 10 weeks until the general election, Morning Joe veteran columnist Mike Barnicle converses with NBC News Correspondent Jacob Soboroff about his recent on-site work with voters in swing states. Barnicle asks: “I wonder, are Jacob and the guy on the bike are still friendly?” Hear their exchange here.

Mike Barnicle on the continued investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails

U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) joins Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle to discuss the continued investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s ongoing email scandal. As agencies continue to investigate the issue, Barnicle asks Chaffetz: “Off of what you’ve read, off of what you know, would you be inclined to pursue a perjury indictment against Secretary Clinton?” Hear Chaffetz’s response and the ensuing discussion here on MSNBC.

Mike Barnicle on “googling” Hillary Clinton’s physical fitness

Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Mike Barnicle express their surprise that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has suggested that citizens “google” Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s physical fitness as he and other surrogates for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump suggest Clinton is not healthy enough to run for president. “Rudy says you should google it,” says Brzezinski. Adds Barnicle: “Do 9/11 truth, Rudy, and find out what’s on the Internet.”

Mike Barnicle talks about the disenfranchised Trump supporters

“We’re surrounded in this country by millions and millions of people who feel … that small pieces of their lives have been slowly stolen from them in plain sight over the past three decades while public officials from the President on down to governors and the senators have said or done nothing on their behalf,” says Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle describing supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. How do these fractures and losses figure in the upcoming election? Hear the rest of the conversation between Barnicle and Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski here.

Mike Barnicle on Hillary Clinton’s ongoing email scandal

With a growing interest centering on the controversy surrounding former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and his potential mishandling of emails, Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle zeroes in on the important difference between email set ups for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Sec. Powell. “The biggest distinction, the only distinction, the most important distinction is that General Powell, Secretary Powell, never had his own personal server. That’s the biggest difference.” Listen in here for the rest of the conversation on MSNBC.

Mike Barnicle on suggestions to Trump to build African American support

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson joins veteran columnist Mike Barnicle on Morning Joe to discuss what Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump could do to boost his appeal with black voters, whose support is only in the single digits. Suggests Barnicle: Trump “could walk 65 blocks north of where he lives on 5th Avenue into the heart of Harlem, take off the jacket that he always wears, the hat he always wears, and spend the day walking around with actual human beings, African American human beings, and talking to them about their lives.” Hear Robinson’s response to that strategy here.