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Mike Barnicle on examining visa seekers’ social media activity

“It’s beyond mystifying that they don’t already [screen social media],” says Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle of a recent call by legislators, in the wake of the San Bernardino terror attack, to require the U.S. government to examine visa seekers’ social media activity. Listen to Mike’s comments here and watch the discussion on the government’s failings in collecting readily available data and staying up-to-date with information technology. Only on MSNBC.

Mike Barnicle talks with Governor Cuomo about tougher gun legislation

Following New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) latest push to prevent known or suspected terrorists from purchasing guns in New York state, Mike Barnicle talks with Governor Cuomo on Morning Joe about tougher gun legislation – should it be a national or state-by-state effort and should it target guns or ammunition? Hear what Cuomo has to say about his own state’s tough gun laws and their limitations and what he thinks needs to happen next. Only on MSNBC.

Mike Barnicle: “The Only Thing They’re Selling Is Fear”

Morning Joe’s Must-Read Op-Eds highlights Mike Barnicle’s latest column for The Daily Beast, “The Only Thing They’re Selling Is Fear,” in which he states that leading Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) are running campaigns based on fear this country for personal gain. “The bottom line is that this country deserves better than what we’re getting in these campaigns,” says Mike. Watch the MSNBC conversation on Mike’s assessment here and read the entire column at https://thebea.st/1IQGJdY.

Mike Barnicle on how Ted Cruz handles Donald Trump

Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle comments on presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) recent rise in the polls among likely Republican voters: “Cruz is very smart and very sophisticated politically… The way he handles (fellow presidential candidate) Donald Trump is the way the rest of the field ought to have begun handling Donald Trump. Cruz does it effectively.” Watch the MSNBC conversation on the back and forth between Cruz and Trump here.

Mike Barnicle on Ted Cruz’s rise in support

On Morning Joe, as new Republican poll numbers show Senator Ted Cruz gaining on frontrunner Donald Trump, Mike Barnicle points out Cruz’s use of psychological data and analytics as a big factor behind his rise in support. “They tell the Cruz worker walking up to a door how to speak to the person that will answer,” says Mike on Cruz’s campaign implementation of big data targeting. Watch the MSNBC conversation here on Ted Cruz’s tactics here and read the Washington Post article on how the campaign profiles likely voters at https://wapo.st/1NYgFto.

For The Daily Beast: The Only Thing They...

In his latest column for The Daily Beast, Mike Barnicle examines the current culture of fear that has permeated our everyday lives and the people who are pushing it. “We have ‘a clockwork orange’ parade of candidates seeking to capitalize on the legitimate worry many have about where the world is headed. In the days since a matched and married pair of Islamic terrorists in San Bernardino shattered our slight sense of security people like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have acted as if ISIL is a reincarnation of The Wehrmacht.” Wow! Who are these guys? And why do they insist on serving us a constant take-out diet of ready-to-eat fear? A buffet that a lot of people devour.” Read the entire column here.

The Only Thing They’re Selling Is Fear


Mike Barnicle on Donald Trump and his positions

The Morning Joe panel continues to weigh in on the rising support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his positions, especially considering his latest controversial anti-Muslim remarks. “We get continued written and rhetorical descriptions on TV and in newspapers about the Trump constituency, and almost always they’re labeled as, you know, blue-collar, Southern guys driving pickup trucks, shotguns in the back. It’s far wider and broader than that. We’ve had 15 years of people living with the various grievances in this country (fighting wars, broken economy, etc.)… and they can’t find anyone to go to who’ll say ‘go **** yourself’. And Trump is doing that for them,” says Mike of Trump’s supporters, as a new BloombergPolitics survey reveals that 65 percent of Republicans support Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims. Listen to the Morning Joe conversation here with The Washington Post’s Robert Costa on the latest presidential campaign news.

Mike Barnicle on Donald Trump’s continued dominance

Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle talks with Tom Ridge, former Governor of Pennsylvania and U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s continued dominance over the rest of the field. “Why can’t—not just Jeb Bush—any of the other candidates on the stage talk to the nation about the issues that Trump is talking about in more sensible language and take some of the oxygen back. What’s going on here?,” asks Mike of Ridge. Hear who Ridge predicts will ultimately be the Republican nominee for President. Only on MSNBC.

Jason Luckasevic on his experiences in taking on the NFL in an epic legal battle

Crusading attorney Jason Luckasevic, who filed the first two concussion-related lawsuits against the NFL, joins Mike Barnicle and the Morning Joe panel to discuss how the league has handled the highly charged and controversial issue. “Initially, when you first filed suit, what was the pushback like from the National Football League, which sometimes regards itself as a separate nation in and of itself?,” asks Mike. Listen to Luckasevic tell of his experiences in taking on the NFL in an epic legal battle. Prominent sports writer Mike Lupica also joins the conversation. Only on MSNBC.

Mike Barnicle talks with Ed Balls on the impact of Trump’s rhetoric in Eng...

Ed Balls, former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer in the British Parliament and currently a senior fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government, discusses with Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle the impact of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric in England. “Do you think that Donald Trump’s language… harms America’s image among Europeans?,” asks Mike. Hear what Balls has to say about how Trump’s comments have actually united the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, liberals and conservatives. Only on MSNBC.

Mike Barnicle talks with TIME’s top editor Nancy Gibbs

TIME’s top editor Nancy Gibbs joins the Morning Joe panel to talk about the magazine’s choice of Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany for the past 10 years, as its 2015 Person of the Year. “Does the piece address the impression held by some—perhaps many, globally—that Angela Merkel is now a more powerful person, in terms of what she does with her office, than [President Barack Obama],” asks Mike Barnicle. Find out how Chancellor Merkel beat out other big names—like the controversial, headline-grabbing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Mike Barnicle talks with General Ray T. Odierno (ret.)

“Turks, Kurds, Saudis—how do we get them together?,” Mike Barnicle asks General Ray T. Odierno (ret.), former Chief of Staff of the United States Army, about a building a coalition strategy to fight ISIS. Hear the steps Gen. Odierno would take to rebuild trust in the Middle East. Only on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Walter Isaacson joins Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle

Walter Isaacson, best-selling author and President/CEO of the Aspen Institute, joins Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle to talk about Donald Trump’s preaching to fear as he campaigns for president. How has the massacre in San Bernardino, California, impacted our country and its politics? Find out. Watch the conversation here between Barnicle and Isaacson only on MSNBC.

“The language of fear is nearly universal in politics”

“The language of fear is nearly universal in politics… and we have people running for President using the language of fear. We’ve been at war for 15 years, so you can understand people’s fear—but it also is a prime opportunity for the language of reason to address this fear. And one of the things that has surprised me about former Secretary Clinton’s language is she hasn’t adapted yet to language of reason in combating her opponents,” observes Mike Barnicle of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy in engaging terrorism fears across the country. Watch Mike’s conversation with former Governor Howard Dean (D-VT) on Clinton’s tactics here. Only on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Mike Barnicle brings the focus to the first responders

As additional details emerge surrounding last week’s shooting massacre in San Bernardino, California, Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle brings the focus to the first responders, such as Detective Jorge Lozano of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, who calmed survivors with the words: “I’ll take a bullet before you do, that’s for damn sure.” Says Mike of the heroic efforts by Lozano, his colleagues and police around the country: “In the wake of Chicago and Baltimore, people ought to take a look at these accounts—because this is what 99 percent of police officers do every single day,” Only on MSNBC.

Mike Barnicle on how Donald Trump’s rhetoric is viewed overseas

Just back from a trip to Paris, Mike Barnicle launches MSNBC’s Morning Joe with his observations on how Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric is viewed overseas. “It’s no longer funny. It’s no longer amusing… Donald Trump’s language, especially on Muslim integration, is truly damaging us. And he’s wrong about Paris, incidentally. Paris is alive, it’s vibrant, people from all neighborhoods walking around… out shopping, working, living freely, and fighting fear,” says Mike of his experience in Paris. Watch the rest of the conversation here.

Mike Barnicle on raising the gas tax to help fight terrorism

On Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle engages Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on whether or not he would raise the gas tax to help fight terrorism. “The consensus among people actually fighting the ‘war on terror’ on a daily basis is that it’s going to be a generational war—it’s going to go on for quite some period of time. So, given current economic conditions in this country and the vast oil resources that the world is now seeing, would you be in favor of a one cent hike in the federal gas tax—something that hasn’t been raised since 1994—dedicated to fighting the ‘war on terror’?,” asks Mike. Hear Gov. Huckabee’s answer here. Only on MSNBC.

Mike Barnicle on sending a substantial number of American troops to fight ISIS i...

“The truly surprising thing is the support that’s been engendered—not majority support yet—here in this country for the injection of wholesale numbers of American troops into a generations-long, historical, religious, tribal warfare. There is a consensus within the Pentagon that with the proper number of troops—that number is debatable—you can defeat ISIS in three months. But are you going to stay there after that?,” asks Mike Barnicle in response to the suggestion of sending a substantial number of American troops to fight ISIS in Iraq. Watch the conversation on the ongoing turmoil inside Iraq’s current borders, along with a discussion of a recent The Washington Post article on the dominating conspiracy theory that has made “Iraqis think the U.S. is in cahoots with the Islamic State.” Only on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Mike Barnicle on the likely cover-up concerning the Laquan McDonald shooting vid...

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle outlines the fiasco and backlash of the likely cover-up in the Chicago Police Department concerning the Laquan McDonald shooting video. “This story is going to grow and grow and grow—and Mayor Rahm Emanuel is going to be imperiled by this story, if he’s not imperiled right now. You’ve got the $5-million settlement, the failure of the Chicago news media to cover this story, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan calling for an independent investigation, and lastly, but most importantly, you’ve got the tape. In any professional police department, that tape has got to have been witnessed, watched, looked at, commented upon within 12 hours of that shooting. If not, you need a whole new homicide unit, a whole new internal affairs unit, a whole new police hierarchy…,” says Mike of the unfolding situation over the October 2014 shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by police officer Jason Van Dyke. Hear more on the cover-up allegations and repercussions here.

Mike Barnicle highlights a key factor behind Trump’s ongoing appeal

As presidential candidate Donald Trump’s popularity continues to cause the GOP establishment to panic, Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle highlights a key factor behind Trump’s ongoing appeal. “If you go to his rallies, Donald Trump is of the moment… he’s not long-range, he’s not telling people where we are going as a country. And he self-validates his crowds. He speaks to the anger, anxiety, and fear in the country,” says Mike of Trump’s campaigning tactics. Listen in on the conversation here. Only on MSNBC.