Entries from Feb 2015
Mike Barnicle on Jordan’s fight against ISIS

“Jordan has a first rate army in that region of the world, a first rate air force, and a very skilled intelligence apparatus, but the question would be what is their staying power and commitment to this?” asks Mike Barnicle of Jordanian King Abdullah II’s recent strikes against ISIS. Watch the report and discussion on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Mike Barnicle and Morning Joe team discuss Rand Paul and Chris Christie

Mike Barnicle, MSNBC Political Analyst Steve Schmidt, and the rest of the Morning Joe team discuss the latest setbacks for Republican presidential hopefuls Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ). “Rand Paul being thin skinned is one thing, but what do you do if you’re running the campaign and you have a candidate who the longer he talks, the more trouble he creates for himself?,” asks Mike. Watch more of the conversation here.

Mike Barnicle, William Bennett, and Howard Dean discuss marijuana legalization

“What about the amount of time wasted by police officers in large cities in just grabbing kids for marijuana possession, never mind their record or what happens to them down the road?,” Mike Barnicle asks William Bennett, former director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy and marijuana legalization opponent. Watch the discussion with the MSNBC Morning Joe team here.

Mike Barnicle asks (Ret.) General Barry McCaffrey about ISIS numbers

On Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle asks (Ret.) General Barry McCaffrey about the numbers of ISIS troops on the ground. “It’s not a substantial force, but it is enmeshed, so it’s hard to get at them,” says Gen. McCaffrey. Hear the rest of their conversation here. From MSNBC.

Mike Barnicle and Congressman Mac Thornberry discuss next steps in Arab region

Adding to the pressing conversation in response to ISIS’s latest barbarism, Mike Barnicle also talked with Congressman Mac Thornberry (R-TX), Chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services, about next steps with Jordan and the Arab region. “What we’ve seen is another element of the end game of a cult of extreme violence and insanity with yesterday’s burning to death of the Jordanian pilot. How would you propose to combat this element of violence?,” asks Mike. Watch the conversation on Morning Joe. On MSNBC.

Mike Barnicle and Sen. John McCain discuss ISIS and military intervention

On Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle and Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) discuss possible American and Arab military reactions to ISIS burning alive a captive Jordanian pilot. “In terms of an all-Arab force to combat ISIS, before we get to that point… in the interim, are you in favor of American soldiers and Marines being involved in ground combat action alongside the Kurds or whoever is on the ground in Syria or Iraq?,” asks Mike. “I’m very much in favor of special forces,” says Sen. McCain. Watch their full exchange here from MSNBC.

Mike Barnicle and Peter Diamandis discuss exponential technologies

“What would your advice be to someone in a doctoral program at MIT, a college senior at Caltech, or any place, reading in the newspapers worldwide that there’s a tremendous lack of pure water… to be bold enough to put together an enterprise to tackle that?,” Mike Barnicle asks guest Peter Diamandis, CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation and Chairman of the Singularity University, a Silicon Valley based institution backed by Google, 3D Systems and NASA. Peter was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to share his thoughts on exponential technologies, bold thinking, and crowd-powered tools. Listen to his comments here.