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US / Iran tensions rising

Listen in as the Morning Joe panel discusses the possibility and impact of rising oil prices in the US as a result of the escalating tensions with Iran and the Trump Administration’s consideration of a plan to send up to 120,000 troops to the Middle East. “There are so many elements of danger, potential danger…we could spend the whole three hours discussing it,” says veteran columnist Mike Barnicle during a conversation with CNBC senior national correspondent Brian Sullivan and the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson.

“Bad Ass” Bezos v. AMI

Listen in on the conversation between Morning Joe’s veteran columnist Mike Barnicle and The Washington Post’s associate editor Eugene Robinson about Amazon founder and one of world’s richest men Jeff Bezos who has accused National Enquirer owner David Pecker and American Media Inc. of extortion and blackmail in connection with alleged compromising photos of Bezos. Says Barnicle: “When you have $800 billion in your checking account, there’s not much to fear because he’s not going to get fired. He’s not going to get shamed. He is Jeff Bezos.” Hear what Robinson has to say about working for the newspaper owned by “bad ass” Bezos here. Only on MSNBC.

Mike Barnicle on Donald Trump’s speech before AIPAC

Ahead of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s speech before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Mike Barnicle and the Morning Joe panel discuss expectations, including the possibility of Trump attacking protesting rabbis via Twitter. “Are we going to see a different Donald Trump? Are we going to see a Donald Trump reading a prepared text and sticking to prepared, legitimate points on perhaps the most controversial aspect involving potential world peace?,” asks Barnicle about Trump’s upcoming speech on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Will Donald Trump wing it or speak from prepared text. What do you think?

The Financial Times’ Gillian Tett joins Morning Joe to talk with Mike Barnicle

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, The Financial Times’ Gillian Tett joins Morning Joe to talk with Mike Barnicle about her new book, “The Silo Effect,” which examines the tendency for organizations to create functional departments—silos—and how they hinder innovation. Watch the conversation between Mike and Gillian on how email and messaging technology has also contributed to additional silos, “cyber tribes,” as face-to-face communication becomes increasingly rare.

Mike Barnicle talks with Shawn Henry about yesterday’s shooting rampage

Following yesterday’s tragic killing of four Marines during a shooting rampage at two military centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle talks with Shawn Henry, president of CrowdStrike Services and retired Executive Assistant Director of the FBI, on the difficulties of preventing lone-wolf type domestic terrorist attacks. Watch the full interview here. Only on MSNBC.

Mike Barnicle and Congressman Mark Sanford discuss DHS funding

In light of the Republican’s recent, unexpected rejection of short-term funding for the Department of Homeland Security, take a look back at Thursday’s discussion between Mike Barnicle and Congressman Mark Sanford (R-SC) about the House Republicans’ threat to shut down the department over immigration issues, which would force its most visible employees—TSA agents—to work for deferred pay. “How could you sit there in the Capitol, getting paid for working a two or three-day workweek…? How in good conscience could you do that?,” Mike asks Rep. Sanford. Watch his response on msnbc’s Morning Joe.

Mike Barnicle puts the recent police shootings in perspective on Morning Joe.

“The police department in any city has to be ‘us’ to sustain itself, and I think they do it admirably in New York City,” says Mike Barnicle highlighting the diversity of the NYPD amid systemic racism across the country. Hear Mike put the recent police shootings in perspective on Morning Joe.

Mike asks retired Lt. General Daniel Bolger

Mike asks retired Lt. General and author of Why We Lost, Daniel Bolger, “Do you think that the mission we gave the young men and women who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan was clearly defined by the command? Did we fail…the young men and women that serve this country?” Hear their conversation: